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# Argh! Where did you come from?
Big piles of how the heck are you?

(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:06, archived)
# I figured today
was a good day for a bandwagon.
I came here for my fix of Steve Irwin jokes - 4rthur isn't satisfying me this morning.
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:10, archived)
# I see.
Well there have been enough to choose from this morning!

Stick around long enough and you might even see me post something, since I am off work and haven't got anything better to do.
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:12, archived)
# OFF WORK!?!!?
Good - then you can photoshop those pics of my car and write a stern letter to CVone so I don't have to :)
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:15, archived)
# Ok.
*Loads tattyshop*

*Picks Magenta from palette*

*Gets to work*
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:17, archived)
# Also *opens word*
Dear Fuckwits,

Thank-you for sending that helpful pair, Twunty and Cockstick (as I believe they were called) to aid us in the middle of the night when we got stuck on your faulty car park barrier.

(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:19, archived)
# Not how I expected to spend Sunday morning
And having people turn up and say "Oh, we don't do car parks" gives me the rage.

The night was made all the better by the fact you told the people on the intercom "It's all better now. The mechanic jacked us off."
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:25, archived)
# Well he did...
Suprisingly quickly too.
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:30, archived)
# Indeed
Five minutes. I was most dissapointed.
(, Mon 4 Sep 2006, 12:40, archived)