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# *eyes open wide with revelatory fear*
Those dastards!
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 15:28, archived)
# The name was changed from 'Copper Potato of the Irish' at the last minute to avoid causing offence.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 15:31, archived)
# They did have that adult spin-off that ITV4 repeated not long ago
Solid Fuckin Granite Sherbet Dib-Dab of the Japanese, but the I didn't agree with the political undertones.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 15:34, archived)
# Wasn't that the one that got into trouble for showing Princess Anne's VCH piercing?
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 15:41, archived)
# I think so.
I didn't watch the second half of the series after it advocated a badger cull in the outer phillipines.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 15:45, archived)