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[challenge entry] If he gets it wrong, we all lose...

(My pics for this compo are getting a bit deep - I need to lighten up a bit :)

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(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 1:31, archived)
# But I love that one
I pick A

What do I win?
(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 1:36, archived)
# You win...
.. an appointment with an anger management therapist.
You can take out all your stress on them, then!
(Besides, tampons in the petrol tank are much more satisfying)
(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 1:41, archived)
# It's really excellent.
I just spent the afternoon making a model of a mushroom cloud with my son, to accompany a report on the Atom bomb. Feel kind of icky now.
(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 1:37, archived)
# Was it a
magic mushroom cloud?
(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 2:01, archived)
# Sod the atom bomb..
Iraq's having enough problems with childhood cancer and lukemia up 10 times in areas where they fired depleted uranium shells in the last scuffle.
Still, shouldn't be a problem - half-life is only, what, around 4 billion years?
(, Mon 3 Feb 2003, 2:10, archived)
# They should get rid of the twat
that we fire them at then.
(, Fri 7 Feb 2003, 15:17, archived)
# Twat
That's what we should all be calling 'The War Against Terror'
(, Fri 7 Feb 2003, 21:56, archived)
# superb
love the thinking face gd 'shopping
(, Wed 5 Feb 2003, 15:09, archived)