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[challenge entry] Mutt and Jeff


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(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 21:43, archived)
# Head Smack!
All you people who have donated money to b3ta, how much did you donate? Think it's about time I gave some of my overdraft away, myself.
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 21:47, archived)
# about 15 quid i think
i would donate more but i have a rather scary overdraft myself
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 21:53, archived)
# Seems reasonable
right, I'll just get the ball rolling by cancelling my £5 a month pledge to deaf children..... :p
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 21:54, archived)
# gave about £20 in the big whipround crisis last year...
...and set up a subscription today for £5 a month. I'm not going to miss a couple of pints' worth a month, am I?
(, Sat 8 Feb 2003, 22:01, archived)