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[challenge entry] Mandy Dingles = Pringles

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(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 14:43, archived)
# Huh?
As the AOLer said: OMG OMG WTF WTF OMG WTF??? !11!!!
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 14:45, archived)
# T'ain't workin mate...
Although i don't know why I say that, cos you've probably figured that out for yourself. God I'm ill. Never, repeat never, go to Golden Curry takeaway on Annerley Road. It was a very average curry, but with above average food poisoning attached; both ends are being somewhat explosive. Just as soon as I can be more than 10 seconds from the toilet, I'm going to go and... and... hang on...
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 14:48, archived)