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# No.
It's impossible (for now) to prove that gods don't exist. It's perfectly possible to claim it.

But then, since no-one's shown any evidence that gods do exist, it's a very safe assumption to believe that they don't.
(, Wed 26 Mar 2008, 13:56, archived)
# What do you mean "for now"?
Nothing can be finally proven. All proof has the status of a very safe assumption, and nothing more than that. Arguments about the existence of God always contain a certain amount of trash consisting of "there's no proof He doesn't exist" and "there's no proof He does". All those parts of the argument are a waste of space, whichever side they come from.
(, Wed 26 Mar 2008, 14:32, archived)
# For now.
How do you know that nothing can be finally proven? That's a statement that you'll need to prove.
Who knows what people will know in the future? I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that, in the distant future, everything that can be know will be known.

It seems a little bit presumptuous to dictate what people will know for sure millennia from now.
(, Wed 26 Mar 2008, 14:38, archived)
# Hahahaha.
Oh, OK. I didn't realise you were thinking so far ahead.
Sounds like a hellish future, though.
(, Wed 26 Mar 2008, 14:40, archived)