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# that rocks!!!
my daughter used to look like Zoidberg when she was a tiny baby - she used to suck on the back of her hand so her fingers looked like his mouthparts... we wanted to teach her to scuttle and go woowoowoowoowoo...
(, Wed 5 Mar 2003, 14:02, archived)
# what a cool kid!
My boss talks like Zoidberg. It's a joy to work here sometimes.
(, Wed 5 Mar 2003, 14:04, archived)
# woo!
that would make getting up in the morning worthwhile : )
(, Wed 5 Mar 2003, 14:10, archived)
# That would be so fucking cool
If I ever have kids, I'm going to do that.
(, Wed 5 Mar 2003, 14:05, archived)