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# I am happier than I was yesterday
A couple of gentlemen from San Francisco used my Greenpeace entry for their poster in a protest the other day. (after gentlemanly asking if it was OK)

They sent me a pic and told me that they were asked if the poster could be shown in an upcoming exhibition called The Art of Protest.
They, in turn, asked me if it was OK and how I'd want to be credited.

(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:36, archived)
# Coo!
Fame at last (and without leeching bandwidth off you too).
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:37, archived)
# Well done that man!
Big up to you!
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:37, archived)
# Wow,
I'd be happy if somebody so much as stole my work! But ask for credit? Amazing...
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:38, archived)
# nice one
belated W/Y/H/P! for the image as well
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:39, archived)
# fantastic!
and a lovely piece of work it is too, big woo to you!
(much classier than mtv, imho ;) )
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:40, archived)
# will you e-mail rob
to tell him?
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:41, archived)
# mmm - don't know
I'm just happy other folk liked it and got the message over. I don't really know anything about the gallery or exhibition - It may be that it's a very small neighbourhood affair - but that's still fine by me.

don't want to get too carried away
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:49, archived)
# I'm just getting over-excited on your behalf, aren't I?
(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:53, archived)
# By all means
please feel free.

I also like it that the guys asked and kept me up to date on what they did.

(, Mon 24 Mar 2003, 21:55, archived)