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# why not? it is pretty and done on an image processor
not everybody has the fonts to do it---
ਨਾਟ ਐਵਰੀ ਵਾਨ ਹੈਜ਼ ਢਾ ਫਾਂਟਸ ਟੂ ਡੂ ਇਟ---
नाट ऐवरी वान हैज़ ढा फांटस टू डू इट---
just little boxes.
I also design free Hindi and Punjabi fonts on this machine.
(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 1:51, archived)
# How considerate of you.
What does it say?
(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 1:54, archived)
# same as the line above it that is written in roman letters
(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 1:55, archived)
# very cool
(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 1:59, archived)