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This is a challengestill open
b3ta nfts

Despite their being a terrible, environment destroying ponzi scheme that gets robbed every other day, everyone is getting in to Non Fungible Tokens, even Rishi Sunak and the Royal Mint. So let's give up and join in. Make B3ta NFTs and get rich!

(, Tue 5 Apr 2022, 7:59)
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# Bored Royal Yacht Club

(, Tue 5 Apr, 8:05, More)

(, Tue 29 Mar, 20:27, More)

(, Mon 18 Apr, 1:11, More)

(, Tue 5 Apr, 17:14, More)
# I can't that.
But use of my specialist skills as international renown art restorer,
I manage to return Anthonyb3ta70100's masterpiece to original state.
Impressive huh.

(, Sat 9 Apr, 13:23, More)
# Does this count?

(, Fri 8 Apr, 17:44, More)

(, Wed 6 Apr, 15:40, More)
# I hate Mundis
Bidding starts at $450.3M.

(, Wed 6 Apr, 11:30, More)
# Rishi Dollars

(, Tue 5 Apr, 8:07, More)
# Have a late NFT compo entry
Click for bigger (141 kb)
(, Mon 18 Apr, 17:15, More)

(, Mon 11 Apr, 17:46, More)

(, Mon 11 Apr, 11:46, More)
# Am I doing it right?

(, Fri 8 Apr, 17:42, More)
# When Invisible Friends goes to b3ta.
I didn't this, it was made by a Swedish called Markus Magnusson.

There's a lot of images like this. Invisible Friends is a NFT created by a Swedish called Markus Magnusson. The IF characters has visible white gloves.
This is an example of the art style from the Invisible Friends NFT.

Bing Bong!.
(, Tue 5 Apr, 20:29, More)
# Hello Anthonyb3ta70100 I didn't this fascist art, it was made by neo-nazi Twit called @iamhilter for the popular NFT Invisible Fascist Friends. However, I edited this image fixing some elements.

Invisible DasZimpsons means literally invisible The DasZimpsons characters with their invisible bodies (with visible clothes and objects) or full invisible.
DasZimpsons is not to steal and sell them as NFTs. Und ist verboten for edit this image with everything!. I hope coming soon the InvisibleNeoNaziFascistScumbagDasZimpsons image challenge here on b3ta.
(, Sat 9 Apr, 9:15, More)
# This will be my entry then:

(, Tue 5 Apr, 20:01, More)
# The Great NFT Heist of 2022 (Colorised)
Watch a man, run for his NFT because somebody stole it (also the style here will bring you back some 2000s vibes so enjoy my subamissione)
(, Tue 5 Apr, 16:22, More)
# Bing Bong!!!!!!!

Edit: Serious question. If the rule is 3ppb, what are the rules concerning pubes on ladies' front bottoms?
(Asking for future reference) Thankyou.
(, Mon 11 Apr, 9:00, More)
# What an amazing suggestion! Love it. Here you go!

(, Sun 10 Apr, 17:39, More)
# Great idea! Glad I could help.

(, Fri 8 Apr, 11:00, More)
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