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This is a challenge Crap 80s Computer Games (This challenge is now closed)

crap 80s computer games

Here's your chance to get something on TV. Make us a 5 second demo of a Crap 80s Computer Game and TVs Look Around You may use it in a comedy sketch. Read the full instructions. Huzzah.

(Thu 4 Nov 2004, 14:42)
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# Arthur Scargill's Trade Union Organiser

Sorry for such a huge gif.

(, Wed 20 Oct 2004, 10:40, More)
# one for the 80s game thingy

manic miners' strike
(, Wed 20 Oct 2004, 2:21, More)
# 80s Computer Video Editing

(, Wed 20 Oct 2004, 0:23, More)
# Coin Toss 1984

Hi-res Flash with sound

(, Tue 19 Oct 2004, 18:06, More)
# Surely some mistake?

what's wrong with simply having a non-exclusive licence, like any decent company would request?
(, Tue 19 Oct 2004, 17:12, More)
# wanna play?

(, Tue 19 Oct 2004, 15:44, More)
# TJ Hooker: Pet Detective

Hello all, this is my first b3ta post. hope it comes up to scratch.
click for the flash
(, Tue 19 Oct 2004, 10:34, More)
may I present:


tee hee, not as good as in my head, but still inanely fast and inane
(, Mon 18 Oct 2004, 22:21, More)
Here is my parody of space invaders... it's even flashtastic...
(, Mon 18 Oct 2004, 19:35, More)
# ..

Driving Miss Diana

Flash Computer Game Entry 22kb
(, Mon 18 Oct 2004, 15:58, More)
# Crap In a Funky Skillo Kind Of Way

(, Mon 18 Oct 2004, 9:20, More)
# Does this need expanding on?

I was going to do a kind of 3D shooter based on 3D space wars on the spectrum, but isntead of shooting lasers at aliens, you're firing hamburgers at starving children. Only as a gif mind, I still cant be fucked to work out flash.

oh and for those of you who didnt see celebrity head laser wars yesterday
(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 23:27, More)

(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 22:56, More)

A game I would like to describe as squaredreversedtetristastic... TV land here I come...
(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 21:42, More)
# Super graphical version for those with 16K

(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 20:28, More)
# West of a red bridge
You stand on the bank of a river. A military helicopter hovers above the surface, churning the waters with the wind from its blades. The door slides back and a rope ladder is lowered into the foamy water, as the helicopter hovers steadily. A man emerges from the foam and grabs for the ladder, desperately hauling himself up, one rung at a time.

Suddenly, you notice a shark's fin cutting easily through the rough water, and before you can think it raises its nose and leaps out of the water, jaws gaping as it arches out of the water and towards the man.

There is a glass cock and a roasted pea here.

(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 20:19, More)

(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 19:49, More)
# Ah, the 80's - a chance to be bravely topical again...
Image Hosted by

and a good morning to all on b3ta and all who sail in her..!
(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 9:25, More)

(, Sat 16 Oct 2004, 5:59, More)
# If I could figure out how to use flash, this would be playable. Never mind, we can all just dream!

(, Fri 15 Oct 2004, 23:52, More)
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