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This is a normal post This kind of misogynistic sexualisation of women is typical of you, and I'm hardly surprised by the undertones of bestiality.
People like you are ruining this site, you make me sick.
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 18:43, Reply)
This is a normal post But I *am* a pig.
The real offense here is forcing my innocent brethren into a shaming and cruel charade.
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 18:45, Reply)
This is a normal post Looks like the only one not enjoying it and having fun is the pig.

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 19:40, Reply)
This is a normal post You must be joking
Or someone in desperate need of a hug/fuck.
(I love this post and it's this kind of interesting and quirky stuff that has kept me a member since b3ta started)
(, Sat 10 Feb 2018, 3:37, Reply)