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This is a normal post
nae bother ya Tory wank, 130,000 deaths directly attributable to austerity.
away and fuck a dog
(, Mon 11 Nov 2019, 22:58, Reply)
This is a normal post The Jerry Sadowitz thing has already been done
Try a different character.

Best of luck with the showbiz career babes!
(, Tue 12 Nov 2019, 8:30, Reply)
This is a normal post I would be interested to know
How you can directly attribute deaths to austerity. But I don't want to be told to go fuck a dog so I won't
(, Wed 13 Nov 2019, 18:48, Reply)
This is a normal post You can't
It's been debunked many, many times. The number was an estimate was from an academic paper that has been horribly misquoted to score cheap political points. This is from Channel 4, hardly a fan of the torys - www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-did-austerity-kill-120000-people

The only viable statistic linked to increased deaths is the rise of obesity. The country is literally eating itself to death.

I don't like the torys either, but then again I think we have some of the worst politicians ever right now. Not one compares favourably with the genuinely clever legislators from the past who actually tried to write good law, not pose for Facebook videos.

I really can't be bothered to vote this time around.
(, Thu 14 Nov 2019, 11:34, Reply)
This is a normal post Tories out
bloomin British Medical Journal, what do they know anotherangryvoice.blogspot.com/2017/11/why-are-bbc-ignoring-shocking-death.html
(, Fri 22 Nov 2019, 16:24, Reply)
This is a normal post Yes, it's the same report
Except that the link you posted isn't bothering to check the validity of the author's claims. No one knows why 45,000 extra people died unexpectedly, but you certainly can't say with any evidence or certainty that it was down to austerity, or extrapolate from that to saying the tories killed 120000. It's poor science and all it does is feed the "don't trust experts" trolls.
(, Fri 6 Dec 2019, 18:27, Reply)