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This is a normal post mr penis expressed an opinion about the humour, you told him he was racist and he could fuck off
He gave a more nuanced view which admitted his biases, you told him he was racist and to fuck off.
This is pretty textbook permaoffended cancel culture.
Trevor Noah told a joke whose essence is "aboriginal woman are ugly but maybe they compensate for it by being sexually aggressive" and refused to apologise for it. You continue to promote him while condemning others because you're a hypocrite, and your stand on racism is really about the thrill you get from sanctimony and the permission it gives you to be awful to people who you believe transgress
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 2:47, Reply)
This is a normal post Off you fuck too then.

(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 14:29, Reply)
This is a normal post swearing is fun on the internet, normally mummy doesn't let me do it

(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 0:09, Reply)