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This is a normal post "they were all freelance prostitutes" FFS.
I've got no more time for you or your bullshit preposterous excuses, or your empty virtue signalling, with your "I ♥ NHS" and videos of the disabled and mentallist hounding of dogbomb. That's what gets me, like one of those American preachers who give sermons about morality while all along smoking crack with their gay rentboys.
You're a sleazy middle-aged sex tourist in thailand who's deluded himself that his actions aren't massively harmful. Nobody ever thinks of themselves as the bad guy, instead they lie to themselves that they're not doing harm. That the prostitutes are their friends. That it's no different to buying a girl dinner. That they're not underage. I'll quote you directly again:
"A lot look much younger than you'd think they are"
Whatever delusion helps you square it with whatever you have in place of a conscience. You're the bad guy, sockcooker, and empty virtue signalling on the internet will never atone for that. Ive got nothing more to say to you, and I don't want to hear anymore of your lies
(, Sun 18 Oct 2020, 3:20, Reply)
This is a normal post
They were just friends, you dickhead.
I didn't shag them.
(, Sun 18 Oct 2020, 16:35, Reply)