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This is a normal post I was deeply sceptical about My Teacher Octopus, just the title made me want to vom, but it’s actually very good indeed.
8.1/10 IMDb
100% Rotten Tomatoes
82% Metacritic
Oscar/BAFTA winner
(, Tue 4 May 2021, 16:10, Reply)
This is a normal post + Golden Panda
Which is remarkable for a feature length documentary about an invertebrate individual, filmed in one location and devoid of pandas
(, Tue 4 May 2021, 17:16, Reply)
This is a normal post OMG! Can’t believe I forgot to mention it won a Pandy!
Sadly, the RSPCA refused to give it a ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this film’ certification.
(, Tue 4 May 2021, 22:46, Reply)
This is a normal post I enjoyed it,
but it would have been more interesting without the music constantly telling you how to feel. I seem to remember it tried to paint sharks as the bad guys of the ocean.
(, Tue 4 May 2021, 21:20, Reply)
This is a normal post Yeah, the soundtrack wasn’t great. It’s a pretty soppy flick TBH. But most soppy shit lays it on even thicker.

(, Tue 4 May 2021, 21:41, Reply)