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This is a normal post There are other examples with Fuji.
Fuji also has a financial interest in Subaru automobiles. Their logo is a cluster of stars We have thought they were pointing to the North Star, but I have never verified that. Anyone know what stars the Subaru logo matches?? Another Fuji Logo with hidden meaning.
(, Sat 22 Aug 2009, 0:34, Reply)
This is a normal post Let google be your friend
"The company is named after the star cluster Pleiades, which in Greek mythology is known as the Seven Sisters, and in Japanese mythology the name is "Subaru", which roughly translated into English means, "to govern", "unite," or "gather together". The company logo is influenced by the star cluster. The large star in the logo represents Fuji Heavy Industries, and the five smaller stars represent the current five companies that are united under the FHI group."
(, Sat 22 Aug 2009, 1:22, Reply)