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This is a normal post I concur.
What I don't understand is how their Twitter account is still active?

They're encouraging people to use the 60k data and fuck with peoples Facebook, Paypal, etc accounts, and people are doing it, and posting the results.

It will probably get to the point when most people will be saying 'Why wont someone stop this?' then the government will step in and say, 'Well, funny you should say that, here's Internet 2, enjoy'.

I don't know, but I still think the internet as it is, is going down and that Facebook is a pre-cursor of persistent ID, ie you will need a login, tied to real world information in order to be online.

(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 18:59, , Reply)
This is a normal post Adam Curtis will make a film about it in 20 years time.
he's taking submissions for poetic titles already ;)
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 19:06, , Reply)