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This is a normal post Liking the 'Hitch hikers guide' feel.

(, Sun 17 Dec 2017, 0:35, , Reply)
This is a normal post
'Hitch hikers guide'
(, Sun 17 Dec 2017, 1:34, , Reply)
This is a normal post Is it a hoopy frood?

(, Sun 17 Dec 2017, 12:33, , Reply)
This is a normal post This is just bullshit for hipsters with too much money.
The Plumbus 8 only came out last year FFS, and it's already way over spec for any floops we're likely to see for the next decade, yet people will be spending a fortune on this overpriced shit, just to be seen with it. Also, removing the grodus is as stupid as Apple getting rid of the headphone jack. Good luck smilding after you lose your floob, Plumbus sheep losers.
(, Sun 17 Dec 2017, 10:38, , Reply)