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This is a question Parents

"They fuck you up, your mum and dad" said Philip Larkin. Did he have a point? Perhaps yours are merely horrendously embarrassing? Or are you yourself that embarrassing or terrible parent? No tedious McCannery or nonce strikethroughs please, ffs.

(, Mon 6 Jun 2016, 15:43)
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I blame my mild intolerance of raw egg whites on my mother's cravings for soft boiled eggs whilst she was pregnant with me.
I'm really of meringue, too, but it makes my lips swell up.
Gosh, what a shocking family drama this is!
(, Mon 6 Jun 2016, 18:54, 10 replies)
fond? scared?
(, Mon 6 Jun 2016, 20:46, closed)
Apparently, my phone doesn't want you to know.
I shall heed it's wishes and let the mystery stand.
(, Mon 6 Jun 2016, 23:17, closed)
killing in the name, then

(, Tue 7 Jun 2016, 12:40, closed)
Sure, why not?
There are worse causes to die for.
(, Tue 7 Jun 2016, 15:25, closed)
Unless of course you pronounce it "Merrin Gway", in which case the terrorists have already won.

(, Tue 7 Jun 2016, 21:49, closed)
Shut up Smith

(, Tue 7 Jun 2016, 9:32, closed)
It's exactly this sort of attitude that has killed this once vibrant forum.

(, Tue 7 Jun 2016, 9:42, closed)

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