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This is a question Accidentally Erotic

There I am, sitting in the dark, squinting at a chart of letters trying to work out if that's an E or a H. The optician is leaning toward me and suddenly I'm concentrating more on her than the chart, praying she doesn't get any closer or this could get embarrassing.

What situations in your life have you found accidentally/inappropriately erotic?

(, Thu 2 Feb 2006, 12:49)
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I've been doing Photography for the best part of a term now and I seem to have quite abit of a problem, developing negatives and pictures. Negatives require complete darkness and since I'm one of 3 guys who does this course and we're outnumbered about 5 to 1 by girls, it's rather interesting. Theres just something about fumbling in the dark hearing girls go "umpf.. ah!.. mngh!" As they attempt to get their negatives on their spools that sets me off, knowing a few of the girls find me attractive anyway makes it worse, I'm just thankful for the lights being out!

Developing pictures is a little harder, excusing the pun, because of the safety light being on, this being a sordid red glow which wouldn't look out of place at Soho, so I'm dipping my photopaper into chemical baths opposite cute girls bending over the trough usually playing with their hair, there isnt much room so theres constant brushing as people move from one thing to the next and often they like to grab/poke me since I'm almost their play thing on the course. Raging red woods abound.

Thank god I'm doing this for the next 2 years!
(, Thu 2 Feb 2006, 20:42, Reply)

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