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This is a question Accidentally Erotic

There I am, sitting in the dark, squinting at a chart of letters trying to work out if that's an E or a H. The optician is leaning toward me and suddenly I'm concentrating more on her than the chart, praying she doesn't get any closer or this could get embarrassing.

What situations in your life have you found accidentally/inappropriately erotic?

(, Thu 2 Feb 2006, 12:49)
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accidental erection
I am an invalid and damn proud of it.
This was a month after I broke my neck and got completely paralyzed, I can't move or feel anything beneath my head. I had just woken up from coma, and the sexiest nurse in the whole hospital is going to give me a sponge bath. Needless to say my body reacts without my permission and accomplish a nice erection. Instead of just be quite about it, the nurse becomes really happy and shouts out loud: Hooray at least you can move something, aren't you happy!?!
I was not happy...
(, Fri 3 Feb 2006, 0:18, Reply)

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