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This is a question Amazing Projects

We here at B3ta love it when a plan comes together. Tell us about incredible projects and stuff you've built by your own hand. Go on, gloat away.

Thanks to A Vagabond for the suggestion

(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 13:12)
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A pond, a yachting club and a golf course.
Our projects in the past 10 years:

1) summer 2001: sweating in the garden, we decide it would be great to have some place where we could cool down. So we built ourselves a 80 square meter natural pond in the garden, all by ourselves.

2) summer 2002: not satisfied with this, we thought it would be great to have a seafront house (we live in the Bavarian Alps, so this is certainly not easy to realize). We found ourselves tied into one of our dumbest projects ever: since we couldn't increase our swimming pond to a size that would trick us into believing it is the seafront, we rather cunningly put a 6m catamaran on our pond, and took some photos just at the right angle to make our house look like a seafront resort. The look of disbelieve on the faces of our neighbors will live in our memories forever.

3) summer 2003: Since having a sailing vessel on the pond meant we are into sailing (we actually aren't, we just know someone who owns a boat), so founding a yachting club kind of made sense. We founded the first, and only, yachting club in our town (mind you, no major bodies of water in a 30 km vicinity, so no real point). We dubbed it "Segel Club Unterer Markt" ("Lower market sailing club"). This nicely abbreviates to "S.C.U.M.", which we printed on pirate themed t-shirts now proudly worn by my wife and daughter (both blissfully unaware of the English meaning :-)).

In the following years we have
- 2005: built a 3 hole golf course in our garden (no, the garden is not that big. You just need to be clever with the layout)
- 2009: doubled the size of the swimming pond because we were sick of mowing the lawn (thereby loosing the golf course)
- 2011: used a stretch of farm land adjacent to our garden to build another 3 hole golf course, because our friends missed the S.C.U.M. golf tournaments.

Redwine, President of the S.C.U.M.
(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 20:24, Reply)

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