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This is a question Amazing Projects

We here at B3ta love it when a plan comes together. Tell us about incredible projects and stuff you've built by your own hand. Go on, gloat away.

Thanks to A Vagabond for the suggestion

(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 13:12)
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I started a newspaper
And it's still going. Not going strong, rich or easy but still going - largely thanks to reader donations. The Scottish press is fucked, incompetent and dominated by English editions - unhealthy given that we're in the throes of deciding whether we want to stay in the UK. The Caledonian Mercury is an attempt by journalists to do something about all that.

Technically the site's a bag of spanners - though that's about to change. Commercially it's a disaster - though that's about to change. Editorially, it's not bad given we have nae cash, nae advertisers and nae backers.

Oh and we plugged Kunt and the Gang.
(, Sat 19 Nov 2011, 13:41, 3 replies)
I went to the webpage
but I got an error:

Error Code h00t5

We're nae loadin fer the likes a you yeh English bastard.
(, Sat 19 Nov 2011, 14:42, closed)
It seems the Kunt's youtube account has been banned.

(, Sat 19 Nov 2011, 16:04, closed)

As an ex-Scotsman employee, I heartily agree with your sentiment. The entire company is being rogered on a regular basis by the parent company, with pretty much every employee that wants to do a good job eventually driven to leave.

Wishing you every success (even if you did ripoff the James Gillespies logo).

Actually, I'm sure I emailed you guys asking if you wanted some new branding done - changed your minds? ;)
(, Sat 19 Nov 2011, 22:21, closed)

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