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This is a question Amazing Projects

We here at B3ta love it when a plan comes together. Tell us about incredible projects and stuff you've built by your own hand. Go on, gloat away.

Thanks to A Vagabond for the suggestion

(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 13:12)
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Roger Wilco Terror!
Not sure if this really counts but I'll post anyway :)
A few years back, before Voice over IP became really popular via Skype, Teamspeak and Ventrilo etc there was an eary app called 'Roger Wilco'
This was your bog standard voice chat client, where you had channels and stuff. However you could also set up public channels and they would appear in a searchable list....

One day a friend of mine (Hi Liao if you're out there) and I hit upon a wonderful idea. We would search for public channels, and basically take the piss out of and abuse people in amusing ways.

We even set up a website for our 'Roger Wilco Terrorism' ( rwterror.b0x.com I think, doesn't exist anymore sadly, was hosted on some free web space thing) and we'd record the results and post them up on the site (a slow process as we were on ISDN or possibly only 56k modems)
The only one I really remember was when we went into a public channel that appeared to be some guys (20 or more!) playing flight sims. One guy was being traffic control it seemed and organising the rest.
He coped admirably with 'Arnold Schwarzenkoff' coming in to land with a Stuka Bomber who left with the message 'I'll be back' (and we were)

Lame I know but it seemed a good idea at the time, and as evidenced by various youtube videos since, other people have had similar ideas. I'm not claiming to have been the first, but definitely an early starter :)

..hmm I wonder if the web archive has a copy of the site (I doubt it)
(, Sun 20 Nov 2011, 21:07, Reply)

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