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This is a question Amazing Projects

We here at B3ta love it when a plan comes together. Tell us about incredible projects and stuff you've built by your own hand. Go on, gloat away.

Thanks to A Vagabond for the suggestion

(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 13:12)
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I mak fings gud.
I had a rather spiffing idea for my brother's Christmas present this year. Around about August he was kind enough to sell me his old Ford Puma (an upgrade form a BMW Z4 - they're shit) which gave me the idea.

He'll likely read this, so instead I'll tell you about the test project I made. You see, I'm remarkably thick, so I thought that if I made a smaller version I could... 'learn' from the mistakes I would make.

The first step was to hop on eBay and find a clock from an old ford with the LEDs swapped out for snazzy blue ones. After that I shopped around for a battery pack, switch, some wood and finally a roll of wallpaper (the final product is going to be BIG).

This is what I came up with (note the swish black presentation rug):

Front shot

Overall shot

Shot with the LEDs switched on

Not amazing (I sell toilets for a living, what do you expect?), but it works :)
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 19:55, 5 replies)
This is a clock
from a car, in a box wrapped in wallpaper?

What's the switch for? What does the Ford Puma/BMW thing have to do with this?
(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 8:53, closed)
Is that what it is?

(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 9:46, closed)
To be honest
that switch on it is making me laugh.

It looks like something from a 1970s sci-fi film.

I've deduced from the switch position, it's to light up the LED.

(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 10:18, closed)
I used to pester my dad to buy similar looking switches, with labels like "Ejector Seat" and "Turbo Boost", with which to liven up the family car.
He'd never buy them. Ditto the "I stop for girls" t-shirt for the Garfield that he'd reluctantly allowed me to stick in the window.

Does look like a satisfying switch, though, blue LED or no.
(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 10:26, closed)
Yes I agree. I think it's a superb box with a blue light that even has a clock in it.
Personally I think it would be wasted in a car - I would have it in the living room, and be sure to casually switch it on whenever I entered the room with visitors.
(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 10:50, closed)

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