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This is a question When animals attack...

I once, accidentally, punched a racoon.

It had wandered into my tent, I was half asleep and thought it was a mate pratting around. There was a yelp and then all hell broke loose.

What have you been attacked by?

(, Thu 2 Jun 2005, 9:39)
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Dragonfly of death...
About 15 years ago I went on a drunken shagfest in Turkey with a couple of mates. Deciding that perhaps we should do something more cultivated than drinking Tuborg and trying to get our leg over inebriated european lasses we booked a trip to see some sunken Roman ruins. Fast forward to my leading a line of people along the top of an ancient wall, water either side with everyone commenting how pretty the submerged mosaics were when suddenly a fucking GIANT dragonfly- I'm talking Jurrassic Park big- decided to hover about 3 inches from my face. I practically shat my pants, not being a fan of anything with more than 4 legs (well its not natural is it?), unable to move forward while being prodded in the back by some fat German telling me to get a move on in the polite way that the SS would back in Aushwitz, I decided that the only option was to jump in the water and let the enlarged Kraut deal with the fucking thing. Unfortunately the line had got quite bunched together, cue 4 or 5 middle aged camera laden Tuetonic types going for a nice cool dip along with me.
The monster, having done its job, flew off with a speed only dragonflys can muster- hence nobody saw the fucker.
They were all staying at our hotel....

Apologies for length, girth etc..
(, Thu 2 Jun 2005, 12:27, Reply)

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