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This is a question When animals attack...

I once, accidentally, punched a racoon.

It had wandered into my tent, I was half asleep and thought it was a mate pratting around. There was a yelp and then all hell broke loose.

What have you been attacked by?

(, Thu 2 Jun 2005, 9:39)
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I am terrified of spiders and they know this, and torment me by appearing suddenly and chasing me down the road.

One day the biggest hairiest house spider in the world decided to pay me and my brother a visit. Fearing it might grab the fly swatter out of his hand, bro decides to attack it using a can of silver spray-paint - the idea being that the sticky paint would congeal it into a gummy immobile lump.

What it actually did was to create an extremely angry robotic looking uber-spider. It also did a great job of highlighting its horrible hairs making it look twice as big.

The cyber-spider came to a rather grizly end, dancing to death on our stove. All the other spiders know, and plot their sinister revenge.
(, Fri 3 Jun 2005, 15:30, closed)

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