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This is a question When animals attack...

I once, accidentally, punched a racoon.

It had wandered into my tent, I was half asleep and thought it was a mate pratting around. There was a yelp and then all hell broke loose.

What have you been attacked by?

(, Thu 2 Jun 2005, 9:39)
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fucking stripey twats
many moons past I was blating along on my RD350 the sun making me toastey in my leathers, two weeks holiday stretched in front of me, a trip to a public house and a lovely girl in the offing. Ah yes every thing was good in the world untill a wasp flew into my helmet and stung my lips nose and eyelid repeatedly. Being a sensible sole I gentlely braked in a safe manner by hauling on both brakes as hard as possible only to have the bike smashed out from between my legs by a opal manta that was following, so now still with the stinging and the oaching I go backwards over the car. Upon comeing round the car driver was holding my head down and helmet fearing I had broken my back. A tragic comic three way fight then ensued with me shouting "musp musp" through my swolen lips, the manta driver saying "carm down and lay still till help comes, its only a bike and the wasp going stingy sting sting" Bastard stripey twat ruined my day my bike my evenings planned naughtiness, my collar bone and my dazzleing good looks till the swelling reduced and also a kindly blokes penis extension. Now we have the secrets of DNA we must now breed a super spider to eat all the wasps.
(, Tue 7 Jun 2005, 10:08, Reply)

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