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This is a question Annoying Partners

As a recent divorcee, it would be churlish to reveal what annoys me the most about my ex, apart from that unfortunate business with the crinkle-cut beetroot which tipped us over the edge. So, what winds you up about your significant other? If you have no partner, tell us about workmates. If you have no workmates, improvise with an annoying tramp

(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 14:47)
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Like a kipper....
Several years ago I found myself on a project with an individual who's technical knowledge would haved struggled to fill a postage stamp. However, through being a friend of a friend, he ended up blagging his way into a role way above his skill set. He made up for this by being a sneaky little bugger, when an issue arose he would hang on the shoulder of myself or the other member of our merry band of three whilst we worked out what was wrong. As soon as you uttered what you believed the issue to be and how to fix it, off he would shoot like the flash, locate the nearest most senior person and, yep you guessed it..."We've worked out what the issue is, it's XYZ and I think we should do XYZ to fix it".

After about 3 months of this, I was getting pretty hacked off, until one day the perfect opportunity arose. A serious production problem occured for which I new what the fix was before I looked at (a fairly simple one), however I logged on, went through the motions with matey watching all the time, then stated that the problem was XYZ and the fix for it was to reboot the server, a drastic fix to a live service to say the least. Before you could say "faster than a speeding bullet" he was off.....

So cutting a long story short, he gave the powers that be the wrong diagnosis, got them to prepare to reboot a live service affecting a large amount of users, before I stepped in. I explained what the real problem was, that I'd already fixed it, there was no need for a reboot and asked how he'd managed to come to that diagnosis for the problem. Of course he tried to blame it on me, but that just made him look worse, he ended up on a "performance improvement plan", and he never bothered me again.

Apologies for length...
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 16:24, 2 replies)
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 16:17, closed)
Mmm... sweet justice!
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 10:15, closed)

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