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This is a question Annoying Partners

As a recent divorcee, it would be churlish to reveal what annoys me the most about my ex, apart from that unfortunate business with the crinkle-cut beetroot which tipped us over the edge. So, what winds you up about your significant other? If you have no partner, tell us about workmates. If you have no workmates, improvise with an annoying tramp

(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 14:47)
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My husband is 6ft. I am 5'2"
He has a habit of leaving the upper kitchen cabinet doors wide open at 90 degree angles which come over the edge of the work surface. This makes them perfectly positioned to:
a) not quite make out their position when viewed straight on that obvious
b) take my EYE OUT or SMASH MY SKULL IN if I move towards them because I am WEE
We've been living in this house for almost two years, and he still forgets how short I am, despite him buying me a set of steps for the kitchen so I can reach things.
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:17, 2 replies)
On the flipside.
I'm 6'4" and my missus is 5'2". This morning (and on many other mornings) I have cracked my head on our stupidly low bathroom cabinet.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 11:49, closed)
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 14:22, closed)

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