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This is a question Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Ten years ago today we launched B3ta (well the version of it you'd recognise). Happy birthday B3ta! As a special one off please add your memories of B3ta here. E.g. How you found the site, or an early thing you saw on the site, maybe the people you've met or how the community is/was part of your life.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 10:24)
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I have a 2.1 thanks to b3ta
At the University of West of England (UWE), there used to be a degree called culture and media studies. Being Lazy, I opted go here, rather than the accepting the other offer I had of PPE at Oxford. One module for this Media Studies degree was called Digital Media. Now given how intellectually difficult a media studies degree is, the Uni decided to limit the workshop for this module to one sitting of 60 minutes a week; to save our overworked brains from shrivelling under the pressure. Whilst this must sound pretty much how you would imagine a west country media degree to play out, you may be surprised to learn that for pretty much the full 60 mins each week, the Lecturer focused pretty much entirely around showing us movies, image challenges and of course the odd mandatory Goatsees on the B3ta site. I shit you not. Best 9 grand I ever spent.

I then lurked for about 5 years before getting an account and coming out with a story on qotw about foreskins.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2011, 10:55, 2 replies)
Ah, that course
I remember chatting up some girls from that course in the Corry Tap. Then thinking better of it.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2011, 11:00, closed)

HEY!... we are all now film directors and photographers and awesome web developers.... just like they said we would be.

seriously though, there have never been any girls on that course... so you probably meant to substitute 'chatting up' to 'cruising' and 'girls' to 'spotty nerds'
(, Tue 13 Sep 2011, 11:15, closed)
wait, you can do a degree in personal protective equipment?
no wonder the fucking country's going to the dogs.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2011, 11:31, closed)

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