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This is a question Bad gigs

Been to see some talentless gits on stage recently? Had your enjoyment spoiled by a twat with an iPad filming the whole thing? Been bottled off? Tell us all

(, Thu 25 Jul 2013, 14:00)
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Nightmares On Wax, Kentish Town Forum, Late 90's?
Me and my best mate got tickets. Spent the preceding hours to the gig pre-rolling skunk spliffs and then concealing them on ourselves. We then hit the pubs before arriving at the venue and continue drinking 4-5 pints of Caffreys whilst the warm up plays their set. We get through a couple of spliffs each (pre-smoking ban this was), and get chatting to a lovely couple of french girls. Winning.

The lights go down, everyone starts cheering for NOW and then....

I wake up in the first aid area.

Apparently with the heat of the venue, the caffreys, the other alcohol consumed and the skunk racing round my system I'd collapsed head first on he floor after taking out one of the french girls. My mate had to drag me to the first aid room where they scooped me up on to the gurney thing and let me sleep.

5 mins before the end of the gig I came too, sat up and emptied the contents of my stomach over the first aider, the room and myself just as my mate and the two concerned french girls came in.

The worst bit of it all was sitting there trying to recover and watching a tiny portable TV in the corner of the room showing Tremors.

Shittest gig ever.
(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 6:31, 7 replies)
alright, lightweight

(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 7:56, closed)

(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 8:35, closed)
I like this. I think it should win.
Among all the others I've said should win this week.
(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 9:02, closed)
This answer to win.

(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 10:39, closed)
Do you mean the movie or the band "Tremors"?

(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 9:44, closed)
great film.
(, Wed 31 Jul 2013, 9:46, closed)
The film.
It is classic. Classically shite.
(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 2:02, closed)

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