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This is a question Bad Ideas

"Let's get all the fireworks and pile dog shit on top of them". I can't believe I actually said that, and I still can't believe I was the one who lit them and couldn't run away in time. Tell us about your spectacularly misjudged ideas.

Suggested by Pig Bodine

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 13:15)
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That 'story' below reminded me a bad idea from my youth.
~~~~~~~~~~wavy lines back to the early 90's~~~~~~~~~~~

It was Sunday afternoon and Ben and I were sat in his bedroom feeling very much the worse for wear from the night before, which had involved MASSIVE DRUGS, love, sweat and hard house.

Ben was moaning about the fact we would soon have to join his large family for a Sunday roast, and he felt far from up to it. I was generally agreeing when I had the most brilliant idea ever. I put it to Ben that if we split a gurner, it would perk us up, but due to the night before we would have built a little resistance, and we wouldn't be off our tits.

Ben agreed. We split the pill and smoked some fags out the window. Time passed and I did indeed feel much better, and better, and ohhh fuck this is good, I'm rushing like a twat.

And then it was time for lunch. I'm not sure what Ben's family thought of two teenage boys sitting at the table with them, both with a single spoon full of peas on their plate, as everyone else tucked into roast beef with all the trimmings. Ben was pushing his peas around with a fork as his jaw kept making a break for door, then changing its mind and making a break for the window. I, on the other hand, was keeping my face under control, but as I pushed that spoonful of peas around my plate with my fork, every minute or so, i would lean over to Ben and stage whisper,'Ben, you're a bad ass bastard shirking son of a bitch'. I'm not sure how long that went on for, but we were excused early and legged it up the road and into the woods.

To my great relief, none of Ben's family has ever spoken of it to either of us, which is nice.
(, Wed 30 Jul 2014, 2:51, 3 replies)
"as his jaw kept making a break for door, then changing its mind and making a break for the window".
(, Wed 30 Jul 2014, 7:03, closed)
Half a pill?

(, Wed 30 Jul 2014, 10:10, closed)
That's what they were like in 1992.

(, Wed 30 Jul 2014, 14:21, closed)

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