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This is a question Banks

Your Ginger Fuhrer froths, "I hate my bank. Not because of debt or anything but because I hate being sold to - possibly pathologically so - and everytime I speak to them they try and sell me services. Gold cards, isas, insurance, you know the crap. It drives me insane. I ALREADY BANK WITH YOU. STOP IT. YOU MAKE ME FRIGHTED TO DO MY NORMAL BANKING. I'm angry even thinking about them."

So, tell us your banking stories of woe.

No doubt at least one of you has shagged in the vault, shat on a counter or thrown up in a cash machine. Or something

(, Thu 16 Jul 2009, 13:15)
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Please. please..
...end this question now.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 14:11, 9 replies)
log out?
go to one of the other boards?
do something constructive, like do a sponsored run to end world poverty?
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 14:15, closed)
You chose to make that your first post ever? Wow.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 14:17, closed)
I'm enjoying it. The word does not revolve around you.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 14:33, closed)
Not sure how you thought I was in any way implying the world revolved around me? After reading a few pages it's getting pretty repetitive do you not think? Eg "I was charged xyz....", "Banks are twats...", "how could I be in Australia and Wales at the same time...."etc etc. I've been lurking for a while and the QOW is usually amusing. This is not!
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 14:57, closed)
Are you paying to view this site?

Is anyone forcing you to view this site?


(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 15:06, closed)
well said

(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 15:30, closed)
Little touchy, no? Is this a good QoW? I had managed to stop reading it myself, thanks.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 15:42, closed)
So why are you still here?
Go on . . . get out of the internet.

You heard me.
(, Fri 17 Jul 2009, 16:55, closed)
I concur...
with everyone else..

So far, this morning I have learned:

1: If you fancy it, there's a highly sceptical way that you can earn £80,000 and not pay it back, then invest it in buying a forest in another country...

2: Providing you have the right details, you can write a cheque on the shaved arse-end of a horse (black or any other colour), but it'll cost you a tenner.

3: Never do your banking on a Monday in a coastal town (forgot where this link is..)

4: The Emirates is a very shady place indeed (link lost - oops).

5: The difference between a Bank and a Building Society:

6: I have a shared hatred of BT and NPower with valoukh (hurray!):

7: Your debt is written off - providing you do not contact the lender within 6 years.

8: There's even someone, who has quite bravely invited fellow b3tans to sling some shit his way, and he's answered a lot of the complaints very intelligently and shed a lot of light on some stuff I would never be able to understand in a million years - you'd never get information like that, in the same context anywhere else without the aid of some kind of financial dictionary: www.b3ta.com/questions/banks/post485576

9: Spanky's struck again with another QOTW ninja strike, as now we all learned today that National Westminister Bank is an anagram that has something to do with facilitating the needs of women who are of an alternate persuasion...

10: If you watch hookers being fisted by a dwarf, your wallet will vanish.

I agree there are some repetittions (if that's spelled incorrectly - I don't care..) with the stories, but if you read the replies - there are often some responses that have illustrated some rather handy solutions..

The end result of said QOTW has now made my morning quite educational, and passed a couple of mundane hours to boot. In comparison to some QOTW submissions - I think this is one of the best ones yet.
(, Mon 20 Jul 2009, 9:23, closed)

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