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This is a question Bastard Colleagues

You've all known one. The brown-nosing fucker, the 'comedian', the drunk, the gossip and of course the weird one with no mates who goes bell ringing, looks like Mr Majika and sports a monk's haircut (and is a woman).

Tell us about yours...

Thanks to Deskbound for the idea

(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 9:09)
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Mouthy sales managers
I've had a few sales jobs, and thus have met some prime bullshitters in my time.

One that springs to mind was Lee, who started at the same time as me, we both did well, but due to some vaguely relevant experience Lee got promoted at the end of his probation. No probs for me, I was caning the old targets and collecting lovely amounts of commission each month. Lee was given a fixed salary and carte blanche to loaf off and big himself up to all the newbies.

Cue Lee one day anouncing to the sales floor that they weren't selling enough - not like in the old days - Operating B3tan will tell you what it was like when we started, when we used to smash those targets.

After a few months of listening to his self serving drivel I had had enough.

So I answered, to all present - "No Lee, I don't remember that, why don't we look at some old sales reports to jog my memory. Oh yes, that's right, you never actually did hit your target did you?".

A stunned silence ensued, followed by that "what the fuck did I just do?" feeling.

Still, after a brief bollocking noone could argue with the facts, and Lee left shortly after.

There's nothing better than rumbling a blagger, especially in front of lot's of people :-)
(, Fri 25 Jan 2008, 11:04, 2 replies)
Deep down,
I suppose people like that are just trying to make up for some shameful inadequacy*. But I still can't feel any sympathy for those twats. Nice one. Have a click.

Edit: Like the name, by the way

*Usually around the pelvic region, I believe
(, Fri 25 Jan 2008, 11:12, closed)
operating B3tan
sounds like a scientology term - operating thetan.

And have a click coz I've had exactly the saem experience
(, Fri 25 Jan 2008, 13:47, closed)

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