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This is a question Black Sheep

Every family has their black sheep, deserved or not. We're still not talking to an uncle who "borrowed" the capital from the family firm, causing it to collapse and leaving my dad out of work for 4 years in his mid 40s. Who aren't you talking to?

(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 9:17)
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winsome halfwits
my father's family are from a freakass place called todmorden in yorkshire. for those of you who know it, when it's 10.30am anywhere else, it's still 1926 in tod.

anyway, centuries of inbreeding have produced his cousin kevin... a "winsome halfwit" who sweeps the streets for a living.

except that he does it for free. with a dustpan and brush.
(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 16:51, Reply)

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