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This is a question Black Sheep

Every family has their black sheep, deserved or not. We're still not talking to an uncle who "borrowed" the capital from the family firm, causing it to collapse and leaving my dad out of work for 4 years in his mid 40s. Who aren't you talking to?

(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 9:17)
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My evil sister
is definitely the black sheep of the family.

She ran away to British Columbia at the age of 18 instead of completing her highschool education. She came back a year later in a stolen car being driven by a drug-dealing, convicted rapist (we found out later) boyfriend. She lived in my parent's basement with this psycho until she got pregnant with her first child a few months later. After giving birth, she moved back in with my parents intermittently because said boyfriend was abusive. She then got pregnant by him again, and went back to live with him.

Sometime shortly after child number two was born, the boyfriend dissappeared, gone back to B.C. She started getting migrane headaches and became addicted to prescription medications. She was not able to properly care for her children, so they were often left with me or my mother or my grandmother or random neighbours. She had no job, and was living off of welfare and a string of boyfriends who she used for their money.

After spending about 8 years on welfare and still without a highschool education, she got a job as an accounts manager with a snowmobile leasing company. She seduced the owner, and ended up living with him and his kids from a previous marriage. All went well, until she started cheating on him and he kicked her out. She destroyed all of the bookkeeping records before she left the company.

She then moved into a squalid hut with the man who she was having an affair with. She was admitted to hospital several times because he was beating her. She finally moved out, and got a job as a cleaning lady. While working, she met a tree doctor, "fell in love", and moved in with him. They started their own company. Things went pear shaped when his kid seriously beat up one of her sons. Queue more allegations of abuse from her, and she left after much nastiness regarding the business and the house which they had bought together.

Then, she got into into a car accident. Her injuries were fairly minor, but she still managed by judicious use of fraud to get a large settlement from the insurance company. While she was waiting for the payout, she stayed with my mother, where she proceeded to damage my mother's house, beat my mother, steal her passport and other possesions, and not contribute anything to the household finances. My other sister and I, feeling that this was a bit much, went to my mother's and evicted our sister. We also took responsibility for her children, who not surprisingly, have some major issues.

That's it up until the present day. Keep in mind that I have given the most general details: a lot more took place that I didn't add. She has had at least 20 live-in boyfriends in the past 14 years. She also still has her drug addiction, now charmingly paired with alcoholism. Needless to say, we don't talk, and I have no plans for a future relationship with her.
(, Mon 17 Jan 2005, 18:27, Reply)

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