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This is a question Blood

Like a scene from The Exorcist, I once spewed a stomach-full of blood all over a charming nurse as I came round after a major dental operation. Tell us your tales of red, red horror.

(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 14:39)
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One fine day
I was happily listening to music in my room while my dad and his wife / my stepmother (still hate that term) were arguing.

I then heard my dad shout "You stupid fucking cow, what the fuck have you done"

This intrigued me somewhat as my dad *very* rarely swears, and even then, its very mild.

I grabbed a glass from my desk and using it as a cover (I was 'going to get a drink') I wandered downstairs, where I hear whimpering from his wife.

By this time, its starting to freak me out, so at the bottom of the stairs, I compose myself and continue the walk into the kitchen.

I swing the door open slowly and...


There is a thick puddle of blood on the floor, the phone off the hook, and my dad was there holding his wife's arms in the air looking at me with a face as white as a sheet.

Theres his favourite meat cleaver on the side, covered in blood, theres blood all over the kitchen worksurfaces, all over the floor, its everywhere.

He says "can you talk to the guy on the phone please"

I look at the caller display "999", oh joy methinks.

"Hello, this is Hampshire Ambulance Service, there is a team on it's way to you as we speak"
"Erm, thanks for your help"
"You're welcome, hope its ok, bye"
"Err, bye"

I turn to my dad and the sniveling wreck he is holding up, hes holding her wrists. Oh joy.

The ambulance turns up, she refuses to go to hospital.

The police response unit turns up, she refuses to go to hospital. She also refuses arrest. She is handcuffed and bandaged, then bundled into the ambulance.

3 hours later, she locks me out of the house, as its my fault she was arrested as I talked to the guy on the phone. Oh joy.
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 15:01, 3 replies)
Fucking hell
The sun is shining brightly through the window of my office and that still sent a cold shiver down my spine. That's not something anyone should have to endure.
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 15:08, closed)
It'll be one of my enduring images
I must admit. Took hours to clean up, scary how much blood is in the human body (or supposed to be in this case).
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 15:10, closed)
I don't know whats worse
The fact that your dads wife (I wont say the s word) seems like a complete nutter, or that your dad has a favourite meat cleaver
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 17:20, closed)

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