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This is a question Blood

Like a scene from The Exorcist, I once spewed a stomach-full of blood all over a charming nurse as I came round after a major dental operation. Tell us your tales of red, red horror.

(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 14:39)
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Many moons ago
When I was about 154 in cat years, possibly my 154th birthday weekend coming to think of it, I awoke at a friends house covered in blood naked with a similarly naked young lady with me.

As you do the first thing you do is make sure she's breathing.

Excellent, that's OK, and she's not got any obvious wounds (insert your own joke here).

Anyhoo - it is at this point I finally think "if it's not her then.."

Check the old boy and he's OK, big relief there.

Then i see this glistening, shiny, sparkling thing on the floor. I am transfixed, like Gollum staring at his precious. It is a ring, a silver ring.

i reach down and pick it up. I recognise the ring. It is mine.

Attached to it is half of my left nipple.

At this point I vomit.

All over naked young lady.

She is not impressed.

She never speaks to me again.

I still have a rather fetching scar as a reminder of that morning.

Fortunately, I do not remember the evening preceding it.

Cider rocks.
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 19:44, 2 replies)
and click x
(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 20:43, closed)
Me and you both
I have a rather fetching line across one nipple, and absolutely no recollection of the drunken antics that caused it's removal from my body.
(, Fri 8 Aug 2008, 13:59, closed)

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