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This is a question Bodge Jobs

If you can't fix it with a hammer and a roll of duck tape, it's not worth fixing at all, my old mate said minutes before that nasty business with the hammer and a roll of duck tape. Tell us of McGyver-like repairs and whether they were a brilliant success or a health and safety nightmare.

(, Thu 10 Mar 2011, 11:58)
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One day I was doing some yard work.
I had some chunks of wood that needed to be cut up, so I got out my chainsaw. I hadn't run the saw in over a year, so I wasn't terribly surprised that it wouldn't start. I emptied out the gas and put in fresh, cleaned off the spark plug, cleaned the air filter- all to no avail. And I was getting really tired and cramping from pulling on the starter for the past half hour.

Then I had an inspiration. I took off the pull starter to expose the flywheel, which was held on by a 1/2" nut. I got out the little gizmo that lets me attach a socket wrench to the drill, got out my drill and used that to crank over the chainsaw. Instant electric starter!

Well, it almost worked. The saw sputtered a few times as it cranked over- and then I noticed the smoke coming out of the motor of the drill.

I had to pay $25 to get the carburetor cleaned out and had to buy a new drill. Arse.
(, Thu 10 Mar 2011, 16:37, closed)

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