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This is a question Beautiful but Bonkers

I used to see this girl from time to time. Face of an angel, body of a goddess, great in bed. The only downside was her emotional state. When she wasn't crying, she was screaming. Violence was never far from the agenda, and I finally called it quits when she sat down in the middle of a busy street, drunker than I thought possible, howling like a banshee and swearing at passers-by.

What kind of lunacy have you put up with in the name of lust?

(, Fri 17 Nov 2006, 13:31)
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We didn't date, but I don't know if he realized this.
This was back in high school. One Saturday evening at the mall, my best friend and I ran into a boy in our grade, his older brother ("Boy"), and their mother (my 7th grade science teacher).

Boy had a pretty face, he was very nice, unbiased, and a very caring person. I'll give him that.

-Asked me out a few days later, which I told him "Er.. uh.. I'll think about it." ("No.") I later told him we should just be friends as he didn't even know my last name.
(Cue 3 years of avoiding him in the hallways at school)
-I (mistakenly) gave the boy my AIM screen name, so I've been screening my IMs ever since.
-Boy obtained my phone number, which meant calling me oh just a tad too often, but it didn't matter because I more often ignored his calls (I'm a bit of a bitch I suppose).
-One day during high school in a history class, a mutual friend had purchased a lovely voice recorder, and recorded Boy describing ways he'd like to violate me.

Boy was also very very into cults. Not studying them, but joining them and trying to find acceptance. Eventually his brother and our mutual friend were planning a lovely intervention for him.

One day, Boy called me while I was on a lunch break at work. I decided that having avoided Boy successfully for about 6mo, it was time I made it not so awkward when we would run into each other at the mall again, so I answered. He proceeded to try convincing me that he had talked to a girl online, and he later talked to her on the phone (she was 14 and he was.. 19? He was very interested having a relationship with her even though she lived in NJ and we're on OH). She claimed her parents abused her, and once while calling her, the girl's mother answered. Boy decided to talk to the mother about her abusive problems (?!), and Mother went on to inform Boy that she worked for a credit card company or some other large corp and had the FBI on their way to his house to have him arrested for his "on-line sexual assault" on her daughter.

He told me he was terrified, would be tried and jailed, and everything in his life would be ruined after being labeled a sexual predator. So he was going to kill himself. For the next 15 minutes he tried to tell me he was going to do it, and that he wanted to hear me "say 'I love you' before I go." That didn't happen. Eventually I got him off the phone, and decided he was joking.

... Until the mutual friend (intervention and recordings, that guy) said he had received a call from Boy with the same story, and called 911 on him, had Boy committed to the psych ward.

Since his release, the only time we talked was online. Twice. He told me that the people of a town north of here are demonic and possessed, and to avoid the town with all strides. Unfortunately, his school was just beyond the town...

After that was months alter, where I hadn't seen him nor talked to him on the phone. I was sitting in my room and had noticed earlier in the day that I was cathign the sniffles. An IM then popped up on my screen from him, reading, "Hope you get well soon." Creeeeeeeeeeepy.

Was this too long? All appologies.
(, Mon 20 Nov 2006, 19:57, Reply)

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