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This is a question Beautiful but Bonkers

I used to see this girl from time to time. Face of an angel, body of a goddess, great in bed. The only downside was her emotional state. When she wasn't crying, she was screaming. Violence was never far from the agenda, and I finally called it quits when she sat down in the middle of a busy street, drunker than I thought possible, howling like a banshee and swearing at passers-by.

What kind of lunacy have you put up with in the name of lust?

(, Fri 17 Nov 2006, 13:31)
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Knife wielding crazy girlfriend
When I was 18, I was going out with a girl who was lovely, but a bit unstable. We were both out in town seperatley one night but due to be both staying at my parents, I got so hammered I ended up at some other girls house. Next morning she was pissed off when I returnedand stormed out of my room and out the house.

I few days later I took my SNES round a mates house to play some bomberman. However the games didn't work. I only put 2 and 2 together a few days later when I looked through my uni diving photos. Every picture of me had my face cut out! Checking the SNES games again, it turned out she'd run a scalpel down them in a mad rage in my bedroom after going though the photos. She'd obviously decided to hit me where it hurt. Luckily she had no knowledge of SNES games so Killer Instinct caught the worst of it while Mario Kart came off relatively unscathed and still worked.

My sister is still good freinds with her.
(, Thu 23 Nov 2006, 15:43, Reply)

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