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This is a question Books

We love books. Tell us about your favourite books and authors, and why they are so good. And while you're at it - having dined out for years on the time I threw Dan Brown out of a train window - tell us who to avoid.

(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 13:40)
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The Wheel of Time series
Bloody good read in my opinion. The final book is due this year as well.

I'll probably do a sex wee when it comes out.
(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 20:20, 7 replies)
I gave up on it around book four or five.
I don't like travelogue fantasy, so Robert Jordan's transparent attempt to drag me, the reader, all around every last nook and cranny of his fabulously detailed world fell flat.

I'm sure there might have been an interesting story somewhere in there, had anyone bothered to suggest to Mr. Jordan that he could benefit from the services of an editor.
(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 20:28, closed)
To be fair
I think he has dragged it out quite a bit. Apparently he initially wanted to do 6 books which might have made for a faster paced plot.

Oh well, he's dead now so he can't do anything about it.
(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 20:34, closed)

Here is every Robert Jordan book:

(1) Introduce plot and characters
(2) Several hundred pages of entertaining dialogue and well-written ambling about
(3) Ignore (2), teleport to main evil fellow, and kill same (often with some inexplicably gained new power)

I enjoyed his books, on the whole, as he was a very capable author. But the jarring point at which he obviously thought 'fuck, got to wrap this up, I'll give myself twenty pages' annoyed me every time.
(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 21:27, closed)
I gave up
the way he repeated phrases over and over got on my tits.

Tom blows out his mustaches, Nineive (fuck spelling!) tugs her braid. Matt wishes he could talk to girls like Perin, Perin wishes he could talk to girls like Rand, Rand wishes he could talk to girls like Matt.(+many others) Over and over and over and over and over and over
(, Thu 5 Jan 2012, 23:55, closed)
Just started the 11th book - read the others I think due to pure bloodymindedness rather than anything else.
(, Fri 6 Jan 2012, 0:51, closed)
Severe Editing needed
The series started incredibly strongly, but by book 5 really did start to drag. I stuck with them out of pure bloody-mindedness and was apoplectic with rage when he died having just finished the penultimate book (or what was suposed to be the penultimate book). I guess that might make me a touch selfich - but I've been reading these bloody things for 20-odd years!


Brandon Sanderson has done a brilliant job of making them fun again. Everything is coming together and there are loads of big set pieces that make sense. I am convince Jordan's own end to the series would be pish in comparison.
(, Fri 6 Jan 2012, 14:31, closed)
True dat.
He was going to finish the series on book twelve as well "Even if it takes 2000 pages".

Thankfully they saw sense (Or £ signs) and split it into 3.
(, Fri 6 Jan 2012, 18:41, closed)

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