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Freddie Woo tells us how he recently spent ages trying to open his front door with his Oyster Card before realising he actually needed things called "keys". Tell us of times you've done stupid things while on auto-pilot

(, Thu 21 Mar 2013, 12:20)
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Many moons ago, I was gambling a lot. If there was an event on, I had to have a bet.

Came home from a night out, logged into Bet365 (other worse betting sites are use-able, but now I realise this is the worst) and thought I would have my usual treble.

£20, Arsenal to win, Newcastle win and West Brom to draw. Been doing this bet as a "standard" one over the last 4 seasons. Been doing well. Up about £300.

Trouble was, they had just updated their website and it was no longer in price order. So I'd backed.

Arsenal to lose to Hull at Home
Newcastle to lose to Blackburn at home
West Brom to win away at Middlesburgh.

I tried to cancel the bet. Rang Bet365 and they (correctly) said I'd been sober enough to get through security so the bet stands.

Won just under 2 grand.
(, Sun 24 Mar 2013, 23:10, 1 reply)
As a natural but non-practising gambler, I salute you.
If this'd happened to me I'd have gone on to gamble away everything with my name on!
(, Wed 27 Mar 2013, 22:17, closed)

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