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This is a question Breakin' The Law

'I'd taken some mushrooms in a pub,' writes Allen Smithee, 'and things had got a bit odd. People turning into goblins, barstools into toadstools etc. I wandered off from my friends and found myself in a carpark. I noticed a huge liquorice allsort driving towards me and Bertie Basset got out. I kinda realised that Bertie was a policeman and my brain went into paranoid fast forward. I decided that I must be being arrested and said, "I'll just get in the back of your car, Officer" Bertie looked at me with disgust, "Not bleeding likely sunshine. Just piss off home ok?"'

(, Wed 7 Jan 2004, 20:34)
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A couple of years ago...
a few of my mates asked me out "down the village" which was the thing to do at the time, there being nothing else. I said no, I was busy for a reason I forget.

The next morning at school I found out said mates had spent a night in the cells. The following is utterly stupid...
A friend had seen some metal wiring hanging over the railway bridge and had decided to move this for safety, they told the police. Apparently, when they couldn't pull the wire on to the bridge they left it hanging and walked away. Then the biggest bang ever went off as the wire made contact with the railway power lines, almost deafening one friend, who wasn't involved in the moving of the wire. They remained put, deciding it would be silly to run and were taken into a house by some local bloke to await police after half the village rang up after hearing what sounded like an explosion. They were taken for an hour in the back of a raid van to Coventry police station to await a night in the cells. The uninvolved friend was unpunished, while the other two who decided to "move the wire to safety" got done by the law. All in all, I'm glad I decided to stay in.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2004, 22:36, Reply)

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