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This is a question Breakin' The Law

'I'd taken some mushrooms in a pub,' writes Allen Smithee, 'and things had got a bit odd. People turning into goblins, barstools into toadstools etc. I wandered off from my friends and found myself in a carpark. I noticed a huge liquorice allsort driving towards me and Bertie Basset got out. I kinda realised that Bertie was a policeman and my brain went into paranoid fast forward. I decided that I must be being arrested and said, "I'll just get in the back of your car, Officer" Bertie looked at me with disgust, "Not bleeding likely sunshine. Just piss off home ok?"'

(, Wed 7 Jan 2004, 20:34)
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Red 'N' Blue Lights
So this one's not actually a run-in but it almost was...

Me and my buddies had just got back into town after a big job overseas. We arrived about 9 in the morning so were pretty well pissed by 11. Always a reason to celebrate, right!

Fast-forward to closing time, which in California is usually about 2 in the morning. Out of the fog I remember the three of us walking down the middle of the main street in town, and looking back we notice the good 'ol Red 'N' Blue flishy flashy flishy flashy... "Whatthehellarethosecopsdoin? Musbeaffersumun. Hey!they'recominthisaway!" At that instant some skanky middle-aged tramp in a little tiny red sports car swerves around us and asks if we wanna ride. Somehow we all crammed into that car and made it safely home.

Well, more or less safe. I woke to find I'd puked sushi all over myself. Took me months before I could eat fish again.
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 2:07, Reply)
My bro
was speeding through town late one night when all of a sudden he noticed those all to familiar blue lights in his rear view. He prompty pulls over and is approached by a nice looking female copper...

"Do you know why I've pulled you over, Sir?"

says she.

"Yup. You want my phone number..."

says he.

They recently bought a house together near Gatwick. The jammy git.

Oh, and while on duty she once picked me up from a pub in a jam sandwhich 'cos i'd been kicked out - then drove me round to a nearby club and told the bouncers she would appreciate it if they let me in for free. Only time i've ever been escorted IN to a club by the old bill...
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 1:28, Reply)
I have a mate...
... whose a police officer. He's run me home a couple of times, does this count?
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 1:01, Reply)
Well there was this one time when...
In the month of sept '03 I was learning to drive, I was doing this round the erm, grand Town of Grimsby. I pull up, one lesson, to a set of traffic lights and being that lights were red and I was at the front of the queue I slipped on the hand-brake and waited for them to go orange (I'm not waiting for green! :p). A few seconds later a police car comes screaming down the road to the left with sirens and lights on full. The lights go to amber but with the copper-carrier being so close now and indication to go down the road I'm on I let them proceed. At this point the car is fast approaching me, I get a good look at the police lady driving. She sees me and proceeds to rapidly slow down and stops in front of the junction, leaving me a clear path to proceed (the lights are now green). My mind now starts trying to work out why a police car, with sirens and with the right of way is stopping for me. I glance across to Trevor, my driving tutor who is equally as confused as me. I gave the police lady driving a look as if to say 'why in all the land of choclate buggery have you stopped for me?' she then signalled with her hands as if to say 'you dozy twat, get a move on!' In the end I pull forward and cross the path of the cop car, still with that expression on my face. I felt special! 8-)
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 0:59, Reply)
during a
rather long session of drinking to celebrate finishing a levels, a shortage of skins made a trip to the local garage neeeded. No one had coats, so i leant them my dads bright orange waterproof chemical jackets. on the walk to the garage, someone decided it would be a funny idea to start redirecting traffic (this was at 12 am so the roads were pretty empty). Yet we managed to get two cars to pull over and turn down other roads. We were doing rather well until the third car was full of rozzers. GIving chase over the local feild, they never managed to find three blokes in luminous orange jackets. The jackets now have a joseph dreamcoat status.
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 0:30, Reply)
In the name of art...
When I was about 18 my friend decided he would make a super-8 film. His high-art concept involved lots of shots of people doing things on and about motorways, and I was going to be the "star" of the film.

After a few dodgy incidents running across motorways with cars bearing down on me etc with him filming from the safe distance, it's time for the crowning shot, which is to be a shot of me standing on the strip between the lanes of the motorway going in either direction. No problem, I go and take my position and wait for him to get the shot. After standing there for a while, I realise that it's going to be hard to tell when he's actually taken the shot as I've got my back to where he will be driving. Never mind, I thought, I'll just stay here for what seems like enough time and bugger off.

All this time, people had been honking their horns at me, I couldn't quite figure out why but I basically just ignored it. Just as I was about to take off, I hear a car pull up behind me and a voice say "Get in the car." A police car has pulled up to a stop *in the fastest lane* and a cop has jumped out and is beckoning to me to jump in the back seat. We take off before the high-speed traffic crashes into the back of us and the cop begins to question me.

Turns out that people driving past thought I was suicidal or a mental patient or something, they were honking their horns (as if I was going to think "oh, someone's honked their horn at me, I guess I won't top myself after all") and then getting on their mobiles and reporting me to the police. So, the friendly officer asks me a few questions ("been in a mental instution lately? can I just have a look at your wrists sir?"). I explain why I was there and he lets me off with a warning, citing "Queen's byways act 1971" or something, and tells me not to bloody well do it again.

Never mind, we got the footage - except nobody thought than when your driving past somebody on a motorway you're lucky if you can get about 1 frame of the film with them actually in it. Bollocks.
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 0:06, Reply)
I crashed in to a policeman once.
Grwing up in Northern Ireland in the 80s, you got used to policemen and soldiers on patrol and hiding in weird nooks and crannies at night.

One night I was peddaling furiously along along a path on my bike and decided to cycle down the same steps I would cycle down all the time. Problem was there was a policeman sitting on them at this time, it was dark and I didn't see him.

I flipped up over his back and got grazed wrists. He ended up in a ball, screaming in agony. Then all the other policemen and soldiers on the patrol started running around thinking he'd been shot. And I'm sitting on thge ground shitting myself and repeatedly saying I didn't see him. Thank god they quickly realised what happened as if they thought I'd done it deliberately or thought I was a terrorist, I'd be fucked.

After getting my parents out and taking notes and telling me off for cycling on the pavement, I was sent on my way. The policeman was taken away in an ambulance, on a stretcher. So it could have been a bad injury. After the event we heard no more about it. To be honest I still feel quite bad about it.
(, Fri 9 Jan 2004, 0:04, Reply)
Well once in my youth (well a couple of months ago)
The local school was holding a pta meeting. It was the middle of summer and they had the window open, so i decided it would be funny if i crept up to the window and made the weirdest noise i know (a kind of Yeeeeeeeee-Ahhhhhhhhh noise) so i did it then run. Anyway, ten minutes later i decided to do it again, only this time someone jumped out of the window and chased me all the way down the road, i managed to get away and out of nowhere the guy appears in a taxi cab. So he gets out of the cab and flashes his badge, then asks me if i thought it was funny, i said yes cos i did, then he told me it wasnt and let me go. I then puked cos i had run like half a mile at full pelt.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 23:47, Reply)
Angry man
It didn't really have anything to do with me, but I was there anyways. A few mates had been going around causing trouble before they met up with me, and that included spray painting a bloke's car. So we were walking down the street when said car comes speeding towards us and knocks one of the mates into the windscreen. This big fat bloke gets out and puts him inside the car and drives off. A while later, we found him nearby, and apparently the fat bloke wanted him to point out the person that sprayed the car. Being the helpful guy I know he can be, my mate got out the car and escaped. We hung around for a bit longer until a car with the bloke's family and a policecar started driving around looking for us. I took that as a cue to leave.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 23:21, Reply)
So many incidents I just had to stop lurking and post my top 3
Here they are


Me and my brother were walking near my friends flat when we decided to pop in and say hello. However, he was not there. We decided to sit on a wall behind his flat and drink a couple of cans of coke we had just bought fromt he shop. After about 2 mins a man comes sprinting round the corner screaming "OOOOIIIIII". Thinking this was some nutcase me and my brother proceed to take off around the front of the flats. Cue another man standing round the front of the block screaming "GOT YOU NOW" as me and my brother ran past him. As quick as a flash my brother said "no you haven't". So we continued running but my brother went one way and me the other down the street. The first man was chasing me. I was outrunning him so easily so I decided that I would throw him off my scent. There was an alleyway just off to the left, obscured by another building. Just before entering this alley there was a van parked up. I decided to pretend to run down the alley but dive behind the van and wait for a couple of seconds before running off down the road again, hopefully being obscured by the van. However, I didnt realise how much distance I put between me and this man and he soon saw me. He was nowhere near the alley. So I carried on running to make my way to a hole in a femnce and certain freedom. So I looked back up the road but couldn't see the man anymore. I thought he had fallen for my trick after all. So I crossed the road and looked back up only to see the man hanging onto the side of a lorry, just like Roger Cook, and pointing me out to the driver and his passengers. I just stood there and laughed my head off. He got off the lorry and ran at me with CS spray in his hand screaming at me to get on the floor. I refused as the floor was dirty. I told him he should of said he was an officer up the road and he woukld never have had to run after me. I also told him he needs to go to the gym. After this I let him handcuff me. I then sat at the side of the road with buses and cars going past looking at me. Supposedly there had been a robbery litteraly 5 minutes before me and my brother got to my friends place and they thought we were the robbers.


There was a large fisticuffs near my house which gained the attention of about 30 police. In my friends and I curiosity we decided to take a look, only to find a police radio on the floor! My friend picked this up and dashed off and immediately started making prank announcements. We were next to an officer so we could hear all of what was being said. He was saying stuff such as "Its QK948, I have been injured....he got me in the bum.... without any KY jelly". Cue laughter from us all and an angry copper screaming at us. We all decided we wanted a go so meet up with our friend and spent the rest of the day making such pranks.


I used to have a BB gun, it was a replica so was passable as a real gun. My friend, my brother, and I had spent the afternoon shooting at buses from another friends bedroom window. In the end we got bored and decided to leave. On the way home we got pulled up. I had this BB gun in my inside pocket, loaded up and ready to fire. One officer comes to me and my brother and the other officer takes my friend just up the road. My brother was searched first. All clean. Now it was my turn, I was praying he wouldnt find the gun. Eventually he had searched all my external pockets without even feeling the gun. He then said "have you got an inside pocket" Sh*t I thought, I am gonna get nicked. So if I was gonna go down I was gonna have some fun. So I replied to him and said " yes I do, and I have this" and pulled the gun out like a wild west gunslinger and pointed it straight at him. The officer searching me jumped back whilst the officer searching my friend went sprinting off down the road screaming into his radio. I handed the gun to the officer who was releived to see it was a toy gun. The other officer then came back and cancelled whoever he was calling. They asked me was it loaded. I said no. They asked why I had it and I said I was doing target practice in my friends garden as I want to be a police marksmen when I get older. They gave the gun back to me and sent me on my way without even shouting at me.
Thorougly nice officers they were.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 23:11, Reply)
Had a run in with the law in london on a couple of occasions.
Myself and a group of mates aoccasionally go up to london to visit a friend and usually end completely drunk. One of our other traditions is to run around Londond going around different tube stations and taking photographs at landmarks armed with random objects. Previous years have included, a cactus, a coffin, running around in drag, completely suited up in black with sunglasses and all. Last time we got stopped as we were going Extreme Ironing. Apparently a person from a museum complained about us extreme ironing on top of one of these pillars and someone else had complained about 'a gang of youths on top of a telephone box armed with an iron.' Needless to say we were lucky that the bloke who pulled up to us had a sense of humour as we got a photo of him outside a tube station.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 23:00, Reply)
I don't know why it didn't end with a police chase...
On the way back from a heavy night of drinking we got stopped at an alcohol checkpoint set up by the police. I was driving sober, but the 4 other people with me were blasted out of their minds.

Since it was the middle of the winter and the car was small, the cop must have gotten a huge whiff of alcohol as I rolled down my window. He asked me a few standard questions and could tell that I was obviously not drunk despite the little clouds of 101 proof coming from the car.

He finished his questioning and said "Drive safely". Having heard "Have a good night", I drove off yelling "You too, officer!".

My friends couldn't stop laughing, drunk as they were.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 22:40, Reply)
After about 3 miles, my legs were getting weaker.
The wife,Shirley, overtook me, her father was pretty knackered and had stopped off at the pub but Shirley's mum had set a pretty sharp pace clocking regular 7 minute miles.....

oh, sorry , misread the question
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 22:27, Reply)
An alcohol induced brush with the rozzers....

We used to stay at my mates house every Sat night when we 14/15 cos his mum spent all weekend at her boyfriends, imagine about 15 teenagers, all wanting booze.I was the only one who looked old enough and could get served, so I got sent to the offie with a long list and pockets full of coins whilst the rest of them waited outside. I came out one night, laden down with about half a dozen bags of cheap booze, only to find everyone had gone.There was a police car parked across the road so they'd scarpered. Luckily the cops were too busy interrogating some vandals to notice me and my bags of illegal liquor and walking home scot free my friends all peeled out from behind tree's and bus shelters and from peoples gardens so I looked like some wierd alcohol type pied piper.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 22:21, Reply)
Unfortunately not of mine, but of some very close friends.
Now I'm not sure if anyone here knows Haywards Heath ("The Heart Of Mid Sussex!" my arse...), but several of my friends happen to live there. Picture the scene... 8 o clock on a Friday night, but being winter it's already past dark. Two girls, both 18 (but slight in stature) sitting on swings in a park behind a leisure center - not doing anything, no drinking, no loudness; just swinging. As it happens this took place during the recent 'Operation Storm', the local police basically just trying to crack down on the 200 strong local band of stoners and generic college/secondary school wasters hanging around in groups of 50 in public places and smoking. Ok, fair enough, sounds reasonable. So, instead of stopping those kiddies the good ol' Bill decide to approach my two aforesaid friends and proceed to have a conversation consisting basically of the following:

Asking what they are doing out this late - the two girls are 18, and its 8. O. Clock.
Asking for ID (apparantly sitting in a park after dark requires some form of ID), which they promptly declared blatent forgeries for one girl, and got immediately suspicious of the other girls lack of immediate ID. 'Cause she really needed to bring it with her to go to a park.
Asking what they are doing out alone - why you ask? - apparantly someone could dash out of the surrounding bushes, grab them and cart them off as abductees...
Asking if their parents knew they were out so late - again, they're 18, and its 8 o bleeding clock (cycle through ID routine again).

This continues along similar themes for a good 20 minutes, culminating in the officers giving them a written warning on the grounds of 'Anti-social behavior', as the park happened to be classified as an Anti-social area (although surely being out and about, 'socialising' if you will kind of makes this even more redundant). Plod tells them to get home quick and leaves.

Of course the fact there were two more of my mates lying being a grassy knoll ten feet away rolling a sessions worth of joints is irrelevant, they weren't to know that :)
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 22:15, Reply)
I fought the law... and I won
I was cycling home from a friends house pissed. On the pavement. With no lights.

Stopped by a copper, who tells me off for 'drunk in charge', 'riding on pavement' and 'no lights'. It's a fair cop...

Instead of arresting me, he lets the air out of my tyres, tells me to walk home, gets in his car smiling, and drives off again.

Luckily, I'd only just left my mate's house, so I walked back 100 yards, rang doorbell, borrowed a pump, and within minutes was breaking the law again...
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 21:56, Reply)
pissing in public
One night I was especially blasted out partying with friends. I decided I wanted to go to another bar, but my friends didn't want to go. As it wasn't too far I decided to walk by myself.

I got about half way when I realized I had to pee really, really bad. Unfortunately, the spot where I chose to go was quite close to a very busy intersection. When I turned around after concluding my business a friendly officer was sitting there waiting for me.

His first question to me was "You know this is the weekend everyone's in town for the state athletic games. What kind of image do you think you are projecting to our visitors?" I thought for a moment, glanced at my watch and replied, "Well, occifer....it's after midnight, if they're going to be in the games tomorrow they really ought to be in bed by now...." He smiled, and told me to be careful.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 21:55, Reply)
On a bus at night time...
with my chum, who is ever so slightly mad. bus stops as usual, but it sounds like quite a few people get on, making rather a lot of noise...
sounds like they are coming upstairs (where we were sat) and out pop a lovely and rather rat arsed posse of rudeboys.
now, it turns out that these rudeboys know my friend quite well. one in particular knows him very well - my friend battered his little brother into unconsciousness whilst 'under the influence' my friend although mad, is not totally stupid, and noes not provoke the posse as there are around 9 of them, so we wait for them to get off. they dont. i listen to what they are talkin about (underneath the drunken banter)and they are planning to 'cap' us, i quickly tell this to my friend, and for the first time i see panic in his mad eyes...
then, the leader of the posse gets up staggers to look at us, and says something like
"'ere, i know you, you fooked up ma bro! rite thats it, you is gonna get battered, rite 'ere rite now!" and then takes a fighting stance. whilst this been going on i seem to read my friends mind and ring the police behind the seat (townies to drunk to notice what i was doing)
my friend proceeded to stall the rudeboys till the cops show up they powerslide infront of the bus, force entry, leg it up the stairs, and nick all of the townies for underage drinking, another cop hit the leader over the head with his truncheon cos he was about to leap on my friend, t'was funny indeed. it was pretty pant wetting at the time, but we laughed afterwards.
sorry bout the rant, just reliving memories.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 21:45, Reply)
Shiny exploding things and Bacardi Breezers
After going to see some fireworks (after a 2km or so walk), myself and a few mates all begin to return home, swigging as we go. One of us suggests we stop for a rest in a park we were passing. Me and another mate (for balance) happily spinning round at vision-blurring speed on a kiddies' roundabout (the sort with little bucket seats).

I utter the famous line (while pointing to people as they spin past) "There's someone, there's someone... and there's someone with a flashlight... er... uh oh." (I was pissed, OK? I know it's a torch really. Eesh.)

After being told that 'responsible adults' (age 16) shouldn't be playing with the equipment, we note that a couple of our friends have attempted to leg it rather than be interviewed. Due to their alcohol-soaked reflexes, they couldn't get over the fence, and got searched. Luckily we'd already drunk everything and chucked the bottles. Hehe.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 21:01, Reply)
this guy i kind of know...
went to New York a few months ago for his 18th birthday.
While sitting in a mall or cafe a guy rushed passed and dropped a large baggie of weed in his lap.
Before he knew what he was doing he was arrested for possesion and spent his 18th in a new york jail for the night.
Apparently when it was 12 he told the guy next to him it was his birthday and some of them rapped for him (although im not sure thats true).
He was let out the following day.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 20:49, Reply)
Not me, my sisters old best-ish mate (oooh, tenuous.)
A few years back now this bloke called Waspy (most charming and jammiest bloke I've ever met) got pulled for speeding. How does he get away with it?
"There's really no point, I'm speeding because I'm late for court. They're about to take my licence off me anyway."
Being the jammy bastard he is, they let him procceed. Thing is, he actually was on his way to court, where he actually was about to get his licence taken off him for speeding (last 3 points on his licence.)
So the judge asks him his version of events - why was he speeding? Waspy reels off this whole story about how he'd met some blonde Sweedish lass in Berwick (oop norf) and had ended up offering to drive her back to Stocksfield, a good hour+ away. So he's pulled up outside her house, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, gets out, walks to her house and closes the door behind her. He got pulled for speeding on his way back.
"Two bloody hours and all I got was a peck on the cheek your honour."
The git gets let off again! Final words from the judge; "I'm letting you off this once, but in future please be wary of Sweedish girls."
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 20:22, Reply)
we were walking up Bromsgrove Road, in Batchley, Redditch, with some plastic guns. After a while, a police car pulled up, and the dude got out, and asked us to "Relinquish any firearms". We showed him our plastic one, and he laughed. Apparently, someone had decided that they were real, and had put out a firearms report for us. It all turned out OK in the end, though, and we had our photos taken with him, for posterity. If I find them, I'll post em.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 20:16, Reply)
I'll 'homeland security' you!
The town next to mine has a big power plant/factory thing... I'm not entirely certain what they do, but I think it's got something to do with both our water supply and local power supply. It's got great big smoke stacks and high gates and the like.

Anyways, we were driving around one night (two cars worth of us) when we managed to get turned around and lost. We didn't know the exact area we were in, so both cars pulled over into a short, wide driveway-like thing in front of a gate, so that we could argue with each other about where to go and so we could call for directions without driving off the road.

After about 5 minutes two police cars pull up to us. They got out their portable spotlight things (not flashlights, those big arclamp devices) and shone them in our eyes. Then they asked us, very, very seriously, just what we thought we were doing there.

We were all in high school, and the sort of kids who weren't ever on the wrong side of the law, so we started cringing and dithering: We're so sorry sir, we just pulled over because we're lost, really sir, we don't know what we did but whatever it was we're sorry...

Cops looked at us very sourly and strictly, and said, in Voices of Doom, "Alright, but we're going to drive by again in 5 minutes and if you're not gone you're going to be in trouble."

Turns out we had pulled up in front of the main gate to the power plant. This wasn't too long after 9/11, and apparently the government had alerted all law enforcers that terrorists might be targeting water supplies. Which was what this plant was involved in.

Of course, if they had really tried to arrest us, they would have seen that all of us were US citizens, local high school students, and more than half of us were Jewish. So it was pretty unlikely that we would have been terrorists.

Ooooh well.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 20:03, Reply)
I got to utter the ultimate line
One summer solstice I was walking back from a pub to where I lived in Basingstoke. Basingstoke has rightfully gained the title "Donut City" because of it's vast array of roundabouts, some of which have been decorated by large sculptures.

My personal favourite is the Stone Henge esque WADE ROAD ROUNDABOUT which has several standing stones on it.

At the point I reached the roundabout I spotted some pals of mine sacrificing a doll on the smallest standing stone dressed as druids, they were doing a near theatrical wickerman-esque performance to passing cars.

For some bizarre reason instead of approaching the men in the druidic robes a police car pulled up besides me and enquired "Are you anything to do with this disturbance?"

Without sensible hesitation I uttered the line "Stop, move along, these are not the druids you're looking for"

Surprisingly they just ignored my comments and decided to drive off. I'm Not quite sure what they wanted from me but I'm glad they stopped me.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 19:03, Reply)
After a few months of saving I finally had enough cash to go on holiday with my mates over the summer, to malia (crete, greece). So there we were, 9 lads having a few jars at the airport lounge then, when it was time, walking to our flight gate. Passing some heavily armed rozzers with sub-machine guns my mate decided to comment and murmered: 'I smell a pork-related product'. This roused a chuckle and we went on our way.

However, after ambling all the way to gate 24 and sitting down near it, said policemen came up to my mate, ordered him over into the corner, searched him and gave him a written warming under the 'anti-terrorism act'! The rest of us were, of course, pissing ourselves with laughter at this point and I promptly stood up and snapped them with my disposable camera while my friend to the left was filming on the camcorder. This pissed them off no end: they confiscated my camera and took the camcorder tape. The bastards.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 18:57, Reply)
Do any of you remember the Queen coming to Aberystwyth?
She had to cancel an official opening of a building 'cause some students were protesting that the University were spending more on welcoming the Queen rather than keeping departments open (students eh?).

I was protesting. Shouting away, when I and a few friends (as students do) noticed tourists coming to sit in an adjacent piece of land, quite free from police interference. We saunter over, and sit down quietly. We had a furled banner with us. A few coppers notice us - and come bounding over.

"We need you to move back to the protesters."
"we're not protesting."
"What about that banner?"

At this point my friend left with the banner and went back to the protesters, leaving me there, sitting quietly - doing nothing.

"And you sir."
"Why? I'm not protesting."
"You're a protester Sir."
"I'm a tourist, come to see the queen."
"Are you going to move, sir?"
"I don't think you've given me a reason to."
"Right. I'm arresting you for breach of the peace."
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 18:50, Reply)
Festival Fun
At the Reading festival in 97, I went with my then Girlfriend. The first brush we had was as I was sat quite happily at the entrance to our tent while the Girl snoozed, I rolled a nice fat joint, whilst doing this I hear the group of people who we were sharing a fire with start to shout, 'Pigs, Bastards' etc. As this sort of thing was happening all of the time I decided to ignore it until about six coppers charge through the tents, narrowly missing me and luckily not spotting the lump of hash lying on the ground sheet. The people proceeded to attempt to calm the coppers down, while I was waking my sleeping beauty so I could shove the hash in her knickers. She woke and proceeded to refuse to, ahem, conceal the evidence. Luckily the coppers had lost interest as the people had apologised and they had far more important things to worry about.

The next day we had gone to see some of her friends and then go into town. On the way I am collared and searched by two of her majesties finest. They find my Dope leaf lighter, my large rizla, marlboro cigs and other related parafenailia, however no dope. Had I shoved it up my arse you ask? Had I suceeded in getting my dear little filly to keep in betwix her small but perky assets? No In a fit of drunken stoned maddness late at night I had buried it under our rucksack tent. My girly had said I was a silly little 'Sheepie'for doing so, but a smart move I feel.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 18:41, Reply)
high school "high"jinx
so me and 3 friends are hanging outside a movie theatre, around the corner behind a couple of trees, smoking some special tobacco prior to the viewing of an animation festival. preparing ourselves for extra trippy cartoon fun. suddenly a police officer appears and glares at us sternly... "i don't think you should be smoking that." we all get scared, nervous, ramble off lame excuses that don't make any sense "it's not ours, we don't know what it is, we just found it, what do you mean, it's just a cigarette..." the policeman laughs, holds out his hand, we give him the contraband, and he says, "enjoy the show." and walks away, smoking our joint. sometimes canada can be pretty cool.
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 18:24, Reply)
I once threw a polo off a bridge
onto a police car
(, Thu 8 Jan 2004, 18:24, Reply)

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