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This is a question Break-up Stories

Freddie Woo sends us a tale of woe which ends: "I could live with being cheated on. What really got me that there was clearly a third person holding the camera, and the arse pummeling up and down sometimes had a tattoo, sometimes it didn't. I moved out that day." Tell us about how a relationship's come crashing down around you.

(, Thu 12 Sep 2013, 13:18)
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A few years ago...
I came home to find my girlfriend packing a suitcase. She turned to me and said "I'm sorry, but I'm leaving you. It was my birthday yesterday and you never got me a present, a card or even acknowledged me. I'm going to find someone who will love me and appreciate me." She then hurried out of the house.

I called to her, "Wait love, hold on! Come back!" She stopped, turned around and walked towards me. Through the snow I could see that her eyes were bloodshot and a single tear was rolling down her cheek. Nevertheless she smiled as I said "Awww, you silly thing...

...You forgot your suitcase."
(, Fri 13 Sep 2013, 14:04, Reply)

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