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This is a question Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

Whilst at school we had a field trip to the Ironbridge Gorge museum. Oddly enough kids TV presenter Johnny Ball happened to pick the same day to make a visit. We were rather excited and crowded round asking questions. Johnny took this rather well and held an impromptu lecture. This was all fun and games until a kid at the back threw a small rock at his head. Silence fell for a moment then Mr Ball blew a gasket and did the whole "no one is leaving until I get a confession" routine. Er.. typing this out makes me feel rather sorry for the chap. Anyway - can you beat that?

(, Wed 14 Apr 2004, 19:06)
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Whilst on a piss-up in the heavenly borough of Romford,
we were delighted to discover the radiant Martine McCutcheon ("sicknote" to her friends) was out with some friends in the same club as us. Unbeknownst to the rest of our group my friend approached her at the bar and started praising her singing and telling her how gorgeous she was. He then told her what big fans of hers all his friends were, and how shocked we'd all be if she came up to say hi and pretended to know him.

Well, she's a game girl Martine, because about half an hour later she popped over to our table, pointed at my mate, squealed, and started hugging him like a long lost friend. At this point he stood up and said "Look love, I've told you a thousand times, fuck off and leave me alone before I call the police."

Her face was a picture, I can tell you.
(, Thu 15 Apr 2004, 17:12, Reply)

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