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This is a question Asking people out

Tell us your biggest successes and most embarrassing failures. Not that we're after new chat-up lines, or anything.

(, Thu 10 Dec 2009, 11:36)
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Be Prepared
In reflection of our relationship I perhaps wasn't really as close to him as others were but nevertheless within the circle of friends that I had formed he was certainly within its realm. But this isn't about me it's about that crazy Korean fellow I knew - Koun.

He was an great character, what had arrived to our group in the early years of our high school education as an unassuming, somewhat quiet, but obviously intelligent young man, had developed, under our tutelage, into a swearing, rumbustious sort ready to raise a two fingered salute to us all in a Commonwealth cemetery in Belgium if he knew he was being photographed. He was our friend and he had a crush on Trisha.

The chance of a relationship seemed impossible (ah, amore), she was an aspirationally uninteresting yet exceptionally tall (far taller than Koun himself) and visibly endowed lower class lass, shacking up so it was said with a man thrice her weight and slower than dial-up.
Koun, however, was more of a deeply bookish sort, apparently the standard type in South Korea (though whether the ability to get high by the consumption of too much Coca Cola was also commonplace I never found out) which led to him being in a problem all his bookish friends could sympathise with.

But having said that Koun was cool besides, just very insane occasionally and not to mention a little bit careless, which was hardly surprising considering; him taking an adolescent's first tentative steps in life in a somewhat alien environment.

Anyway I remember feeling quite unsure about whether his expressed feelings were honest but they apparently were true, culminating in at least one attempted attempt to win her heart.

He entered the form room one morning with a grin on his face and a box strapped under his arm. No one but our small pact of friends were inside. It was a cold and bitter February 14th, but he glowed in the early sunlight that was promptly blocked by a tall friend as he had turned to look at the new entrant. Then there was then a flood of knowing and curious glances shot at each other at the group, as Koun sat down quietly and without a care at his desk, placing the now visible box of chocolates at his side.

Now we were intrigued the group all knew what this meant, he was about to turn his hard-on into hard action and ask Trisha out.

We all wanted to see the lad brazonly achieve his one aim before leaving for Korea again. Being supportive of his objective, discussion was started with Koun on the question of how. We were jovial and quietly mocking as necessity required, but more importantly we were excited that he'd be able to reach a goal in his life and in some sense we could all take solace in that.

The discussion had ended as all the form came in and eventually register was taken. But before setting off to lessons and the boy ready to set off with his task, one of the group passed Koun the chocolates and looked at him curiously "So is Trisha a diabetic?"


"Those are diabetic chocolates, Koun, didn't you know that?"

"What's a diabetic?" he asked looking quizzically at the box which now we could all see had the words 'Diabetic Chocolates' in a pinkish red.

And with that we all broke down in laughter. Well all accept Koun who now looked at us with a quiet frustrated stare, but once we stopped laughing at his choice of purchase we got it through to him why we were laughing. Now, however, he was a bit more reluctant in offering the now tainted gift to Trisha, even though, as was suggested the very act of giving chocolates was really more important than the lack of glucose. But sadly as a result he decided to reconsider and left the country without making a move.
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 15:22, Reply)

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